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  • Animal Overview Update

    The animal overview page has been updated and revamped. Check it out. Should function the same, so let me know if you run into any errors.

    New Bird Discipline

    I had received a request a while back for more bird disciplines. And decided to add hunting as an option for birds. Skills required are strength, intelligence, and speed. Enjoy!


    The butterflies won't be along for much longer as the cold front moves in. Catch them while you can!

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-09-19 13:19:26
  • Minor Update

    So some people commented on the layout wanting a slightly different color, and got me thinking it'd be nice to be able to customize it a bit yourself. So, new feature. You can now customize the layout for yourself. Under your profile page, scroll down to just under the Layout selection and a new textarea will be there labeled customize layout. Add your css in the box and it will be applied to the site as you browse.

    Here is the code to use to make the navigation and footer blue like mentioned! I think it looks pretty good. Just copy and paste it exactly as it is here for the blue.

    #navigation, #footer, .menu li ul, .menu li li, .menu li ul a{ background: #486A96; } .menu li a:hover, .menu li a:focus, .menu li:focus a, .menu ul li:hover a, .navigation_header:hover, .navigation_header:focus { background: #486a96; } .menu li ul a:hover, .menu li ul li:hover a{ background: #696969; }

    You can also insert a different color just replace the #486a96 with whatever color you want. The #696969 is the menu hover color and can also be changed. is a great way to easily get the hex format of a color you want.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-09-03 20:19:45
  • Lots of Updates

    Well today was an animal acres work day and I was able to get a lot of in progress stuff done along with some other minor updates. Enjoy!

    New Layout!

    There is a new layout available for Animal Acres. You can select it as an option on your profile page 'Green Meadows', it's also the new default layout so selecting 'Default' will set it as active as well. Note that you will need to refresh the page a second time after changing your layout to actually see the change. Let use know what you think in the comments section below.

    Inventory Update

    I've updated the inventory page so it just lists the images with the option to click them to access the individual item page. The old inventory page is now known as the Quick Stock page. You can get to it through a link at the top of the inventory section and it will work exactly the saem as before.

    Minor Chat Updates

    In addition to what I updated yesterday I added the ability to click on a players ID (in the current users list) to whisper to them. Was a suggestion and was simple to add so I went ahead and added it in.

    Town Map Banner

    And finally the town map has a new banner overtop. So you can go check it out.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-08-31 21:05:31
  • Chat Party Summary

    Thanks to all who came up to the chat party. It was great to talk with you all. For those who weren't able to make it we discussed a couple things with the game including keeping animals from aging if you haven't logged on in a week. Which I have went ahead and updated! This means if real life takes you a way for a while, you don't have to worry about your animals dying in your absence. Once you come back your animals will continue to age normally. I also made the chat input box larger.

    Have a great night everyone!

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-08-30 21:15:44
  • Chat Party! Tuesday at 7pm

    So a chat party is long overdue. So I am thinking this Tuesday night starting maybe 7pm and then I will be available for 3 hours, maybe a bit more. I will be available to talk and answer questions. Hopefully there will be a handful and should be great time to work on chat goals! As well feel free to give some opinions on the game and future direction you'd like to see.

    Reply in the post below to suggest an alternate time or mention if this time is good for you. I chose Tuesdays since I know a while back it was good for a couple people.

    Forum Contest

    On another note. Not Quite Wild is running a posting contest in the forums! Post for a chance to win prizes. Just remember follow the game rules and forum rules including no spamming.

    Have a great day!

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-08-28 22:27:16
  • Image Added to Image Bank!

    I've added over a dozen new images to the image bank to choose from adding in dragons, gryphons, and pegasus which previously didn't have any in the bank along with some other species and recolors.

    silver gryphon with white head like an eagle white and brown guinea pig frost dragon bright blue with a white blue belly A white pegasus with blue eyes A brown squirrel Gray hippogriff with tan beak and front paws

    And a big thanks to Hyperion for helping do some recolors.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-08-19 21:36:53
  • Training Arenas Update

    Like the vet clinic the training arenas page has had an overhaul. You can still search the same but now a small subset of open clinics will appear on the list right away to choose from.

    Here is a preview of what the page looks like.

    Shows image of the new training arenas page displaying 3 clinic options and the search beneath them.
    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-08-10 21:18:03
  • Corral Update!

    So this update took longer than I had planned but the corral has finally been updated. It has all the same functionality as before with the ability to purchase animals and mythic bundles along with selling animals back to the corral, but everything has had a face lift and I have tried to make things as easy to user as possible.

    In addition the ability to purchase mythics through credits has been moved to corral. The credits page just links to the corral now instead. I have not changed anything yet, but in working on this it has allowed me to take a look at current prices and I may be doing some adjusting in the future as the individual animal prices do seem a bit high.

    Check out the new corral page

    Updated Images

    I've also added some updated images for the Special Kitty Harnesses set. And updated the generic brush as well. Examples below.

    Black small animal harness Purple small animal harness Silver small animal harness Sparkly blue small animal harness Generic bristle brush tan in color with handle
    Enjoy! And Have a Great Day!
    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-08-08 12:48:16
  • New Leash Item Images

    I have new leashes uploaded which is the start of updating the images for the game to make things more consistent. I also plan to look at the items themselves, potentially changing them, or adding more as needed. Take a look at some of the leash options below.

    Coiled purple leash Coiled black leash Coiled green leash Coiled blue leash Coiled brown leash Coiled yellow leash
    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-07-31 22:46:14
  • New Image Bank Images!

    I've added some new images to the image bank, so go check them out. The Phoenix and the Unicorn both have images to choose now, along with some variety for cows (though they are obviously cows with no bulls yet). A couple individual animals had one added as well. More to come.

    Here are a couple examples of the new images. A phoenix and a unicorn.

    An orange red fire covered bird. A white traditional unicorn with a lion's tail and deer hoofs.

    Edit: Just a note I didn't draw these. Though I did do the recolors. The two linked above are originals.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-07-20 18:19:49
  • Added Pagination to Player Shops

    Player shops are now have pagination on both edit and view. This should help loading with really large shops as some people where having trouble loading them.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-07-14 11:11:47
  • Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy independence day for our American players. To celebrate I've sent out a couple streaming ribbons for all players active in the past week. Hope everyone is able to have a nice time together with family or at least get to take some time off for the day.

    Mythic Token Sale!

    To celebrate the holiday and the release of the corral studs we have a sale to purchase mythic tokens for credits. This sale will go until the end of next Sunday and is a great way to start a new mythic breeding line for those that have been thinking about it.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-07-04 14:50:14
  • Corral Studs!

    The corral now has studs available for breeding on a weekly basis! This is a long requested feature and should allow you to always have a stud available without worrying having to worry about inbreeding.

    There are 3 stat levels to choose from for varying prices. The low stat range is similar to what you'd get if you just purchased the animal directly from the corral. Medium has a range, but the stats will be at least 300 and high will be over 1000. Prices vary based on whether the animal is mythic or natural and if the breeding fails you'll only be charged 10%.

    Pricing and the stats may need some adjusting, and more stat levels could be added. You are limited to 10 corral breedings per week! 15 if you're upgraded.

    Week Long Sale!

    Until the end of June Animal Acres is having a sale on all credits purchased. Any credits purchased during this time frame will give you an additionally 25%! This is a great time to stock up for those that have been thinking about making a purchase.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-06-24 17:51:17
  • Vet Clinics Search Update

    Alright two updates in one day! The veterinarian locator found under atlas or on the town map page as veterinarian clinics has been updated. Now a few random clinics that have openings available, with active players, will display on the page without needing to search. This should hopefully allow a quicker way to get to a vet if you aren't particular, and making it random allows anyone with a clinic that currently plays to benefit.

    Of course you can still search with all the same options as before. To see all clinics with openings just click search without entering any parameters. Otherwise you can search using all or just one of the listed options.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-06-15 18:32:05
  • Goals Revamp Progress Update

    Nothing to show yet but I wanted to let you know the progress made so far on the goals revamp. So far I have it generally planned out and have started the programming. Completed work so far includes the admin tools for this so I can add and edit the goals as needed. This is a pretty needed element and will be used as I develop the rest of it too. No images to show off at this point but progress is being made! :)

    Check out the discussion or join in on the suggestion thread.
    Revamp Goals

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2016-06-15 10:13:18