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  • New Mobile Menu

    I am pleased to announce that we have added a new mobile menu for AA!

    This should add to ease of browsing the site from your mobile and/or tablet device. Please note that currently the feature is tied to the updated pages of AA (e.g. News, Forum) and will not show up on the pages that have not been updated so far. The mobile menu will appear on more of the site as we continue to revamp its pages. If you would like to view this feature from your computer just re-size your browser to be smaller/slimmer and the menu will activate, but make sure you are on one of the updated pages.

    Now you may more easily access your profile, tend to your animals, and keep up with the AA community on the go, Enjoy!

    Aaron(#2) Posted On: 2015-12-17 13:32:58
  • Winter Sale

    There will be a sale running from December 16th (today) to the 30th on a few credit items. This is an annual sale that has run before so some of you may be familiar with it.

    It Includes

    • 40 Credits for 2500 points on each animal (instead of 1000).
    • 100 Credits for 7500 points on each animal (instead of 3000).
    • 5 Credits for $2 million (instead of $1 million)
    • 125 Credits for a 400 day upgrade (instead of 365) bonus of $200k (instead of $25k).


    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-12-16 11:53:10
  • Employment - Stable Cleaner

    As a stable cleaner you now have the chance to find an item while browsing the site. You are limited per day and currently will just find more average items. Any stable cleaners out there feel free to try this out. Things (such as rate of occurrence) may still need to be adjusted and so may be tweaked to figure out the best balance.

    Let me know if you run into any issues and enjoy!

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-12-15 19:07:37
  • Snowflake Festivities!

    Around the site you can now find snowflakes for the winter season. Click on the snowflake for a chance to win a prize! Most the time you will win a small bit of change, but you can also get a better prize such as credits and upgrade time.


    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-12-10 15:18:59
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving spending time with family, our U.S. players at least. To celebrate I sent out a couple Goosy Ganders to those who have been on in the past week.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-11-28 09:11:30
  • Referrals Opened!

    Referrals have been officially reopened! There are some changes to how things work however.

    Now in order to get a referral point for someone, they must complete at least one goal.

    This change counts for users you have previously referred as well, even those who were referred while the system was down. But in order to get credit, they must complete a goal.

    And along with that you can get more points the more a user you've referred plays. That means good referrals get rewarded even more. You can get a total of 10 points for one referred player! In order to get the full 10 points a user must complete 75% of their goals or more.

    As well goals now count based on your total referral points gained, and so trading in your referral points for prizes won't affect your ability to complete goals.

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-11-21 13:34:15
  • Updated News Section!

    The news section has been completely revamped! Visually you can see we have changed quite a bit from what it was before. And along with that we have added the ability to add comments to news posts. This means you can give feedback about an update right on the news post.

    All current game rules apply to comments. You are also able to edit and delete your own comments. But keep in mind that any edits or deleted comments are still visible to administrators and moderators.

    Let us know what you think of this change using the new comments section below!

    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-11-19 15:27:39
  • Updates and Fixes

    Hey everyone. I've been hard at work this weekend.

    I've made some minor updates around the site and you may now notice on the inventory and store front you are now able to sort species by All and Any where all will include all items of that category type, and any will include those items that are able to be used by Any species. Hopefully this will make sorting for items a little easier.

    I've also updated the registration process some. Previously things like email and password weren't really being validated or checked for okay data, but that's now been corrected to properly check before a user can be registered.

    I have some more work in progress updates that I will hopefully be able to release later this week. Stay tuned. :)

    Last edited: 2015-11-15 2:09:29 pm
    Anoua(#13) Posted On: 2015-11-15 14:08:40
  • More Forum Updates

    Made some more progress on the forums doing some major refactoring to another area and adding it to the new framework. Along with that the styling has been updated to match the forum list page. The basic functionality should be the same, so let me know if you run into any issues.

    We may not have enough traffic for it to be noticeable now, but these updates give a faster experience overall as well. We are going from a lot of queries per page load (30+) to just a few. Definitely a good direction as we work to make the site more active.

    Take a look and let me know your thoughts on the progress so far. This also means we are another step closer to having the ability to edit your own forum posts!

    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-11-07 15:04:56
  • Happy Halloween!

    Hey everyone. Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! I've sent out Candy Corn to everyone who's been active in the past 7 days to celebrate.

    Not too much else to update about on the game. I've been working behind the scenes adding in some admin functionality for myself to track things better (so nothing to show) and still working on the forum updates which will allow post editing. :)

    I did have my pet rat Squeaker pass away over the weekend as well on Friday night. I am doing fine but between that and the holiday haven't made as much progress over the weekend as usual.

    Last edited: 2015-11-02 8:21:52 am
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-11-02 08:20:40
  • User Run Halloween Contest

    M4rshC4mp is currently running a Halloween Contest in the forums for any that are interested. There are two writing prompts where you can pick one or both and give the best answer to win a prize! Winners for this weeks prompt will be picked next Saturday, dont miss out!

    Go to Contest Post

    Last edited: 2015-10-17 10:02:35 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-10-17 22:02:11
  • Forum Updates

    The main forum page has been updated. Still subject to change but I have started converting it over to the new framework and while making changes have made some styling updates as well.

    This is currently only for the main forum page where you see the available topics and recent threads. Other pages yet to come. No new functionality yet, but it's one step closer to being able to edit your posts.

    Last edited: 2015-10-05 9:57:14 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-10-05 17:54:47
  • Inventory Updates

    The inventory system hasn't been completely refactored, but the main individual item use page has been updated. It should work about the same but there are minor updates in redirection and error handling.

    I also added the 'Manage Habitat' link to the animal overview page. It's still on the profile page as well, but I felt it made sense to be under the animal overview page as well.

    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-09-14 14:38:35
  • Updates

    So I've done a lot behind the scenes this weekend. That does mean I don't have as much visually to show for this time but here some more detailed information down below.

    Password Hashing

    Previously passwords were not hashed and used a weak reversible encryption instead. I have updated it so that passwords are properly hashed now with bcrypt technology (current standard). This automatically happens at login currently so if you are reading this your password has already been converted.

    However it would be wise to consider changing your password in case it had previously been compromised.

    Note: this does mean if you forget your password it cannot be sent to you as it was previously. Instead the forgot password utilizes a token system where you are able to pick a new password.

    Framework and Overall Code restructuring

    My other area of focus was on utilizing a framework for animal acres along with generally restructuring the code. Not all the code has been restructured, this will be a long process that I will likely handle on an as this feature or area is touched/modified basis. But the ground work has been laid and the framework is working dual with the old code. Of course let me now if you notice any issues. I have tested things, but I am one person and this is a pretty big change overall, so I may have missed something.

    One thing this has allowed me to do so far is to allow more pages when not logged in. Previously you were unable to see the rules page or the privacy policy unless signed in. But it's good to have this information available before signing up. But overall the system is just much more flexibility and is a good start in getting things updated on the site as a whole.

    For any interested programmers out there the framework is called fat free framework, and it was mainly chosen for it's ability to be integrated with our old code. So far it's a pretty good framework and solid choice, especially if you are trying to update older code without a full rewrite.

    Hope everyone had a great labor day!

    Last edited: 2015-09-07 11:42:46 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-09-07 19:41:58
  • Chat Party Now

    A little late starting this off but I will be in the chat for the next couple hours. Come and join in.


    Had a good chat with a number of people. Calling it a night for now. Thanks to everyone who was able to stop in.

    Last edited: 2015-09-06 5:50:20 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-09-06 14:50:08