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  • Unexpected Down Time

    Sorry for the unexpected downtime this evening for any of you that may have experienced that. I was trying to update the server's mysql version (5.5 to 5.6), same as the dev server, and it ended up causing all kinds of grief and did not install correctly. And after the failed install it did not want to uninstall and then reinstall easily either, so took a while to figure out all the areas that needed cleared.

    Finally was able to get it cleared out though and restored the database from a backup (one taken just before the attempted install/down time).

    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-09-05 00:49:39
  • Chat Party

    I will plan to be in the chat room, AA time this Sunday 2pm to 5pm if anyone wants to chat this weekend. A great time to work on your chat goals and just hang out. I will also be open to answering future plan for the game questions.
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-09-03 11:23:01
  • Completed Goals List

    So this is something I wanted to do and others have asked for, which is being able to view your completed goals. It's pretty basic right now, essentially it is the same as the current goals list, but you can at least view them now. The link is at the top of the page of the current goals page.

    Go directly to completed goals

    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-08-31 18:06:49
  • Recent Post Updates

    Updated the top 20 posts to see the created by user and the user with the latest reply. Was driving me crazy having to go into the thread to see if there were replies so I updated it. This displays a users showname without any html, so in some cases will appear empty right now.

    Also did some other bug fixes introduced when doing other minor updates. And I have been trying to go through the suggestions board as well to see of any ideas that may still be useful even if older. And I have actually unclosed most of these, so feel free to post and give your opinion on some of them even if they are older.

    Last edited: 2015-08-20 11:41:43 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-08-20 23:41:23
  • Messaging System Updates

    Just finished updating the messaging system to include sent messages. There's still some work/updates I want to add but for now you have the basic viewing functionality added in.

    Please report any bugs that crop up as a result of this change so I can make any needed updates.

    You also may have noticed that the forums has had some minor visual updates. And I have did some updates to the categories and board options.

    Boards Added:

    • Art Critique
    • Art Sales
    • Roleplaying

    Last edited: 2015-08-18 11:32:02 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-08-18 23:25:11
  • Thank You - Survey Feedback And Updates

    Thanks for all the survey feedback so far. I've really appreciated all the responses I've received and will definitely be considering everything as I go forward. For anyone who hasn't responded yet the survey is still open.

    Go to Google Survey

    I wanted to touch on some updates I have been working on so far.

    Well much of it is in the background generally improving the code to make it more manageable preparing it for bigger changes in the future. But other than that here are some you may have noticed yourself.

    • In chat hovering over the message now shows the full datestamp - instead of just the time that was listed before.
    • A favicon has been added to the site; the little icon you see on the corner of tabs in your web browser.
    • Minor updates to the inventory including adding the item images to the full overview page. If this ends up making the page to slow I can also lower the number of items that appear on the page initially.

    Last edited: 2015-08-06 10:48:03 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-08-06 22:47:24
  • Forums Issue

    It's been brouht to my attention the forums are not working properly. We have a fix ready to apply but I won't be able to apply it for few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience and delay.

    As well you may have noticed your hourly actions arent taking place. I will be updating that as well and apologize for missing setting that up in the move.

    In the meantime if you find any other bugs please feel free to message me on this account.

    Edit: Forgot to update this last night, but both of these should be updated.

    Last edited: 2015-07-31 8:48:07 am
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-07-30 13:53:15
  • Successful Transfer and New Owner

    Hello to all animal acres users! My name is Brittany (commonly Anoua) and I am the new owner of Animal Acres.

    This is probably news to some of you, but Amanda has been looking to sell Animal Acres for some time now wanting to find someone to update it and bring it back to life. And I hope to be able to just that.

    A Little About Me

    Well first I am married and AA is jointly ours. Aaron will probably introduce himself later on. I am a programmer by trade, specifically as a Web Developer. Currently I work just under full time and 4 days a week. But my future goals include being able to do game development as my primary profession, so I am dedicated to this game. I also have another project in the works Eliyo. This one is pretty different with a focus on turn based battling and breeding with dynamic images.

    Animal Acres Future

    I do have some plans and ideas to improve AA, but I don't want to just come in here and change things. I would instead like to find out what you all enjoy about the game already along with what you'd like to see changed. And I have made a google survey for this purpose. All questions are free form and optional. But the more details and questions you answer the better I will be able to access things in going forward.

    Go to Google Survey

    Last edited: 2015-07-29 9:26:21 pm
    Brittany(#13) Posted On: 2015-07-29 21:25:12
  • New Species
    I'm just full of updates today! Anyway, Guinea Pigs have been added :D I've added 3 disciplines and so far 2 items for GPs. Feel free to suggest more items, disciplines, etc. under the correct headings on the Suggestions board! I'll be adding more stuff for GPs over the next couple of days.
    If you want a new species added, the best way is to go to the Suggestions board, put "New Species: [species name here]" as the subject. Then, include a list of ALL breeds for that species. Include a brief description of the species. Include some disciplines for the species. If possible, include some item suggestions [not required]. Thanks!!

    Coming Soon!
    I'll be going through the pages that list the species and breeds of all animals and make them display in a less...irritating...way. I'm hoping to do that between now and...well, 2 weeks from now.
    I'll also be making sure crosses appear on the championships boards. I may be re-doing championships entirely [to give you more options for sorting the lists].
    I'm still working on figuring out that show bug that deletes entries every night. Can't find it anywhere! *growls at it*
    That should cover my mindless ramblings for the night. Thanks for sticking through with all the changes, etc. guys! You're the best part of AA.
    Amanda(#13) Posted On: 2006-08-27 19:47:06
  • New Showing Method!
    Over the course of the next few days, a new showing system will be implemented. The main point is to make it so the game has to create fewer auto shows, while still supplying enough for you guys to enter your animals in.
    You will notice a new showing type: General. This option is only available to upgrades. It is used as a SECOND showing specialty/discipline. This means it is in addition to the other, enabling players to enter their animal into MORE shows. For judging in shows, the game adds up ALL of the stats, then divides them by 20. To train into this discipline, please click Training Links -> General Training. An animal must already have a specialty in order to be trained into General.
    You will notice a new showing level: All. This means that an animal of any level of this type of discipline/specialty will be able to enter. Obviously, it wouldn't be fair if stats were considered for judging on this one. For judging in shows, the game randomly picks the winners. EVERY animal has an equal chance of winning, regardless of stats!
    Auto shows will no longer create individual levels...they will all be set to "All" as the level. This should -greatly- reduce the amount of shows created per night. Auto shows also now create 50 of each discipline [since seperate levels are no longer needed].
    There's bound to be bugs with this; feel free to post on the bugs board if you find any! Again, this new system is in testing and it will take a few days for things to level out. I'm also not 100% done with it.
    Amanda(#13) Posted On: 2006-08-27 16:56:55
  • Welcome to Animal Acres!
    Animal Acres is officially open!! I can almost guarantee there will be bugs [such as currently, the rules page and TOS page do not show up...this is because they are being rewritten]...don't panic, just head on over to the bug board and report 'em there :)
    There are some minor new features, such as the minichat, plus minor adjustments to the way the game was run before. You must now wait 3 days to breed your animals after you purchase them from the store. Only 2 auto shows of each level and discipline are created each day (otherwise, about 3,200 shows PER DAY would be created). Upgrades, you will be able to create 10 shows/week as of next Friday; non-upgrades, I believe I upped your limit to 5 :) There are a TON of new things to trade AACs for! Check out the upgrade page :)

    Mods Needed
    I've deleted all mods except those that have already re-applied for modship. This means I need more mods! I'd like to have around 20 total. Interested? Message me [at this account] with: age, how long you've been playing SS/AA, prior experience, and why you want to be a mod. Make your entry unique. Thanks :)

    Item Drawings Needed!
    I've deleted all item images...I like stuff to conform, and let's face it...they didn't match eachother. Sooo...I need you to help create more. The requirements are that the image MUST be .gif or .png, be 100 x 100 pixels, have a white background [or clear if it looks good], can't be fuzzy at all [hence the .gif/.png requirements], be drawn by YOU, and that you agree the image will become the SOLE PROPERTY of AA. This means you can't resubmit that image to another game. The prize is 1 AAC per 5 images. Have fun :P

    I know I didn't cover everything in this update, so don't be surprised if you find other changes through-out the site. :) Enjoy!!
    Amanda(#13) Posted On: 2006-05-05 21:06:22