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HTML Helper

You may use HTML to decorate your player and animal pages. Remember to use common courtesy and do not use hard-to-read color combinations, don't cover up the navigation, don't use javascript, don't put videos on your page, and so on.

Name of Code: Code: Example:
Break line. (Go down one line) <br> This is a
"break" example
Paragraph <p> The paragraph text </p>

Here is a paragraph example.

And here is a second paragraph.

Changing Text coloring. <span style="color:#0000FF">Colored Text Here</span> Colored Text

Change the colors by changing Hex Codes.

Highlighting Text. <span style="background-color:#CC66FF">Highlighted Text</span> Highlighted Text

Change the colors by changing Hex Codes.

Strong Text (usually bold). <strong>Strong Text</strong>

Here is a strong word.

Underlining Text. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Underlined Text</span>

Here is a underlined word.

Emphasized Text (usually italic). <em>Emphasized Text</em>

Here is a emphasized word.

Creating a Link.  <a href="The url address" title="Information on where link goes">Name of the link</a>  HTML Helper
Displaying an Image. <img src="The url of the image" alt="Image description important for screen readers"> Brown Goat Pet Image
Adding a colored Line
Change Color
<hr style="border-color:#FF00FF">
Change Thickness and Color
<hr style="border:2px solid #FF00FF">
Colored Line
Thick Colored Line

Hex Color Codes

You can insert these codes into your html codes instead of using the ones in the examples. When picking colors for text make sure you choose colors that are legible on the background they appear on without eye strain..

Light Green
Light Blue
Light Purple
Light Pink