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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Animal Acres?

Animal Acres is a browser based animal pet simulation game. There are over 20 species to choose from. The main idea is to get animals, train them, increase their stats, and breed them. They can be entered in shows to earn points and animal acres dollars. Points can be used to further increase their stats and dollars can be used to purchase items from them to take care of them.

Being a sim game the pets have need that need taken care of. They need to be fed, played with, groomed or cleaned, and vetted regularly.

How do I get an animal?

Animals can be purchased at the corral for corral tokens. Mythical animals can be purchased there as well for mythic tokens. You can also buy animals from other players. Check out the Animal Sales forum under Advertising to see current animal listings or post your own ads or requests. Of course if you know what you want you can use the animal search to look for ones currently for sale. And a final way to get an animal is breeding ones you already have. Animals must be the same species to breed.

What are Corral Tokens? How do I get Corral Tokens?

Corral tokens are used to purchase non mythical animals from the corral. Corral tokens can be earned for free by completing goals. You could also purchase them from other players if they have any for sale. And if you've upgraded your account you can purchase corral tokens for dollars from the upgrades only shop. You can sometimes win corral tokens through site events or as prizes for contests as well.

What are Mythic Tokens? How do I get Mythic Tokens?

Mythic tokens are used to purchase mythical animals from the corral. Mythic tokens can be earned by completing goals. You can purchase mythic tokens from other players as well. And site events or contests will sometimes give mythic tokens for prizes.

What are goals?

Goals are a part of the site that let you earn rewards for playing the game. Go to the goals page to see a list of goals to complete and also see what prize you can earn. Each goal has a star value 1 to 5 and you must complete most of the lower start goals before moving on to the next level. Completing goals is a great way to earn on the site and can help you learn more about the site when your new.

Can animals die?

Animals don't die of neglect but die of old age when there age, listed on their profile, is 25. Species age up at different times some living longer than others but all die at 25. However when you are inactive for a week your animals will stop aging until you return. As well you are no longer able to show or breed animals at 21.

You didn't answer my question?

If you have a specific question feel free to ask on the help forums or you can contact us directly at