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Here are the rules for Animal Acres. Abide by them and everyone will be happy!


  • Be Respectful This applies to all forms of communication. Disagreements are okay but attacking someone is not okay.
  • Keep It Clean No sexual content is allowed anywhere on the site. This means no pornography or nudity should be posted as images or links, and no sexual language should be used in the chat room, on the forums, or on profiles.
  • No Swearing Swearing and using vulgar and foul language is prohibited. An occasional "gee" is fine, but do not use "oh my f---," "oh my g--," etc. Omitting letters or vowels Even if you only use the first letter, and omit the rest, we still know what you're really saying.
  • No Spamming Advertising, outside of the proper boards, or in an irrelevant thread would be considered spam. No advertising in the chat room. Posting the same thing over and over again, excessive emoji or punctuation are all examples of spam.
  • Note: This is an English speaking site and as such only English is allowed. Saying one word in context occasionally, such as Hola (spanish for Hello) is not what I am talking about but having full conversations in other languages. Messages amongst yourself are not subject to this rule as long as the two people are both okay with the alternative.

The Chatroom

  1. Keep chat speak to a minimum. An occasional "lol", "brb", etc.. is allowed, but nothing excessive and don't use weird capitalization. Some examples are what's not allowed:
    • HeLlO. HoW ArE YOu?
    • i hve 2 go nw. c u tmrw.
    • Do You Have A Paint Horse For Sale?
  2. Excessive punctuation like "....." "?????" "!!!!!" etc. is not permitted. Please keep it to 3 or less symbols for punctuation. Excessive emoji should also be limited.
  3. Advertising is also not allowed. The Chatroom was created for conversations, not to advertise that you have a big sale going on in your store. That is what the boards are for.

The Forums

  1. Post on the correct boards. An occasional mistake isn't a big deal, but make an effort.
  2. Chatspeak, excessive punctuation, swearing, and trying to cause heated arguments are not allowed.

RPG Language

  1. No sexual images, such as animals breeding, should be posted or linked to.
  2. No sexual language should be used. It's okay to say something like "They bred together, and soon produced a beautiful ruddy chestnut colt.", but there shouldn't be any in depth descriptions. This includes talk of nipping, touching, or hitting any private areas including the rear end.


  1. Staff should be treated with respect. That means not bad mouthing them or speaking poorly to them behind their backs. Suggestions and feedback are welcome, but must be given in a respectful manor.
  2. Staff has the right to administer punishments as due without giving a warning.
  3. Don't try to control other players but contact a staff member if someone is out of line.


  1. Keep your page looking nice. If you're caught with an indecent page, your page will be reset without warning. Please use common sense on this. This means no excessive graphics, no scrolling marquees, no music, do not cover the game's layout with your own, no javascript nor popups, no videos, no flash animations, no chat boxes, etc. If you have questions about what is allowed, please message a staff member before you post anything.
  2. Do not put anything that the moderators cannot moderate on your page. This includes chat boxes and polls.
  3. Limit the number of graphics on your page to under 25. If you need to put more graphics (such as for displaying tags), please link to them.
  4. Do not change cursors, add flashing images to backgrounds, or other HTML that can cause hardship on members who view your page. If your page takes a while to load, it will be reset without warning.
  5. Tags and HTML in your player name should cause minimal interference with the site and with slow computers/connections. This means you should keep tags to under 150x150 pixels and 25kb. You should NOT use HTML such as breaks, links, etc. in your name.
  6. You are permitted to have only 2 basic accounts and unlimited upgraded accounts. If you are caught with any more than that, accounts will be deleted at the moderators' discretion.
  7. Accounts may not transfer ownership, regardless of whether they are given away or sold.
  8. AAC's, play money, items, or any other game asset may not be sold for USD or any other real world currency.


  • Cheating
    1. If you happen to find a bug that will give you an advantage in the game, and you do not report it, this is considered cheating.
    2. If you find that by clicking on something gives you certain things for free, and don't report it, that is also considered cheating and is prohibited.
  • Hacking
    1. Every player is encouraged to keep their login and password to themselves. Some players don't listen, and this results in hacking. If you are hacked, please report it to a mod with proof (such as screenshots, IM conversations, etc.) that you have indeed been hacked.
    2. Hacking is prohibited, and if you are caught, you will be justly punished.
  • Stealing, Copyright Infringement
    1. Posting copyrighted pictures without permission, or using them for your own personal gain, is considered stealing, and is not permitted.
    2. Posting and/or using someone else's drawing/picture without permission is prohibited.
    3. Altering an image/drawing ("creating a derivative") without written permission is prohibited.
    4. Using internet programs (such as iscribble, drawball, and similar) to create tags or other images displayed on Animal Acres is prohibited. You CAN use programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and GIMP to create graphics (assuming proper permissions/credits are used).
    5. You must provide proper credit to the original artist for any images posted on Animal Acres as required by the original artist or current copyright holder.
  • Bugs
    1. Abusing bugs, or exploiting errors or glitches in the site, is against the rules. Purposely doing so can result in permanent banning. Always report any bugs you find to avoid being banned. If you are unsure if something is a bug, email an administrator to get clarification.


  • Submitted Material
    1. All material, images, text, etc. submitted to Animal Acres become the property of Animal Acres to use however Animal Acres dubs appropriate, including the altering, reproduction, publishing, and resale of the material.
  • Refunds
    1. Animal Acres has a strict no-refund policy. The only time we will issue refunds is if a parent/guardian contacts us and states that their credit card was used without their permission. When this happens, we refund the money and ban any and all accounts owned by the player in question.
  • Spamming
    1. Spamming is considered unwanted and/or unsolicited advertisement and is not allowed. This means that sending messages to people stating "Buy my animals!", "Sell me your AACs!", or similar are against the rules. This rule has been expanded to include using an account for the primary sake of advertising. If you go on the message boards just to advertise another site, you are spamming and will be dealt with accordingly.
Violation of the above rules can result in one or more of the following: Fining, Temporary banishment, Permanently frozen, Account Deletion.
Rules can be added/changed at any time and without notice. It is the player's responsibility to keep up-to-date with the rules.